3-4 Cylinders Ecu For Direct Injection Vehicles


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DI 600 is also characterized by the innovative design of its highly thermal efficient metal case.
DI 600 ECU is designed for 3-4 cylinders direct injection engines, in which the fuel is injected at a high pressure directly in the combustion chamber.
While running on gas, DI 600 considers the petrol injection time and the pressure on the rail to calculate the equivalent amount of gas to be injected in the intake manifold to replicate the performance of the engine running on petrol Through the OBD connection, the calibration software can be used to monitor several engine parameters and any eventual error in the engine control system.

DI 600 is equipped with a diagnosis system on every Gas component, whose status can be monitored by the calibration software during the installation of the system and at any moment of the engine lifetime. This feature may prevent malfunctioning problems and makes technical interventions easier.

In addition, the calibration tool offers guided procedures for simplifying the system installation and setting.
Thanks to the combination of DI 600 and PTMAP sensor, the installation steps are simplified and the costs highly reduced.
DI 600 is equipped with a 60-PIN new-generation automotive connector, with a high IP protection degree (6K9K) against water infiltrations, and with an easy leverage system
for cable connection/disconnection. The cable is characterized by a security system on the connector that prevents accidental release of the wiring.