Available in 3-4-5-6-8 Cylinder in different range for sequential injection and latest direct injection system.  LPG systems currently applicable for Gasoline, Diesel and Hybrid vehicles in the market.

Available in 3-4-6-8 Cylinders in different range for Sequential injection systems, CNG Conversion kits can be applied to gasoline and Diesel engines, as for the diesel vehicles Dedicated and DDF Systems can be applied.

All kinds of installation pipes and hoses for LPG and CNG Conversions, all quality made Italian and essential for a safe installation.

All type of LPG and CNG tanks available in request we have Cylinder and Toroidal LPG Tanks available in several different sizes. As for CNG Type1-3-4 Tanks available on request.


More Power, Longer Distance!

Energia Italy focuses only quality made components for the partners around the globe. Each equipment 100% guaranteed by quality control and test with the latest testing tools available in the market.  We ensure that Energia Italy products comply with the explicit and implicit requirements of the Customers from many different regions.

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Energia Italy is a specialist in delivering tailor made autogas systems.

Lower Emissions, Lower Costs!

LPG  also know as Autogas, Vigas, FIgas, Tupgaz is the most commonly used Alternative fuel in the world, there are currently more than 30 million vehicle running on LPG in different parts of the globe. Driving an LPG vehicle is safe, at least 50% cheaper than gasoline and  there is far less CO2 emission comparing to Gasoline so it is environment friendly fuel.

CNG is also known as NGV, Erdgas, Methane is a compress natural gas is an another type of fuel that is used in the Vehicles. CNG can be applied in All Types of Vehicles including passenger cars, trucks, busses, motorcycles and there are over 15 million NGV Vehicles around the globe. Click here to see more details about the world’s second most available alternative fuel.

LNG is a Liquid form of CNG in other word it is Liquefied Natural gas. LNG is traditional CNG  gas which was cooled to the point of liquefaction. Liquefied Natural Gas colorless, non-corrosive and non-toxic. LNG is a new the alternative fuel that is commonly used in Vessels , Trucks and busses in some countries.Click for more information.


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We are a leading supplier of LPG/ CNG Conversion components and Tanks. We supply 100 % European components for best fit installations around the world.  With over 20 years’ experience in the industry and having knowledge from different countries around the globe made us provide the best for our partners in the World.


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